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I really want a jersey from this movie. But should I get Glatt or LaFlamme?  It is the question that’s keeping me from hitting the buy-button.

We can get JERSEYS!?

Not my shop, and I have not ordered anything from them, but it looks like they’ve got some really cool stuff. Stitched, not printed, it says. This is just the Goon page. There’s TW and other fandoms.

The Rhea one is really tempting too.

Doug Glatt Halifax Highlanders Hockey Jersey Includes EMHL and A Patches

(Source: swagicky)




I’m thinking of starting a “fandom” blog about the Penguins / NHL. However the catch is that this blog will be the complete opposite of every single hockey fandom blog on tumblr.

It will focus solely on talking about the real aspects of the NHL & the pens when it comes to stats, advanced stats, and actual relevant topics pertaining to the league and how it’s progressing throughout the season.

I know the majority of hockey bloggers on here are females who just like talking about cute players but do you think I should give it a try or is it just a waste if time and effort?

Thank you so much for swooping in and saving the hockey fandom.  We female hockey fans are just so hypnotized by the abs and asses of hockey players that we cannot possibly remark on “stats, advanced stats, and actual relevant topics.” Without you, we’d probably just go on drooling on our keyboards and writing our first names followed by “Crosby” all over our notebooks. We need no-nonsense man like you to set us straight. 


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