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Just bought tickets to Canada and Czech Republic’s junior teams scrimmage.

Yessss going to hockey games in August

Hopefully the kids who got drafted this year will be able to attend.


I don’t know what I did to deserve you wonderful people, but you are a grand group. In honour of this glorious occasion, let’s have a giveaway. it’s what all the cool kids are doing these days

Here’s how it’s going to go down: One (1) person will win anything they want from not exceeding $75 and a $25 donation to (via the BCCHF)

T H E   W H O L E   K I T   A N D   K A B O O D L E

  • The winner will get the chance to ‘run wild’ through and pick anything of their choosing as long as it doesn’t equal over $75 and a $25 donation in their name to
  • The Winner can pick more than one thing. If you want $75 worth of knick knacks, you go right ahead.
  • Winner will be chosen by random number generator on August 15th at 3:37pm PDT
  • Winner must be okay with giving out their mailing address, so the winnings can be mailed and donation form can be filled
  • You don’t have to be following me, but it’s always nice
  • You can enter by liking and reblogging this post as many times as you like.

This contest ends FRIDAY AUGUST 15TH AT 3:37PM PDT

  • *other team scores*

  • pierre mcguire:

    now look at this amazing play by sidney crosby!

  • *fleury gets a shutout*

  • pierre mcguire:

    he couldn't have done it without number 87!

  • *michael phelps wins 18th gold medal*

  • pierre mcguire:

    what a feat by sid the kid!

  • *man walks on moon*

  • pierre mcguire:

    what a contribution from crosby!

  • *a cure for cancer is found*

  • pierre mcguire:

    big thanks to sidney!

  • *someone mentions a constellation*

  • pierre mcguire:

    that reminds me. my favorite star, sidney crosby...

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